A Journey Without Destinations

Along with my usual life and my travels, I wanted to talk about my weight loss and the goals and journey’s that I in my fitness and health.

There are several things that I can think of that brought me to the realization I needed to do something about my health. Thankfully it wasn’t a major health issue that trigged it, it was seeing two people in my life drop alot of weight and begin to make healthy choices with what they do. My friend Jeremy and my step-dad Tracy have been making choices that helped them both make big changes in their life. I will talk more about that later on when I feature Jeremy in a post.

This blog will serve a few purposes.

  1. To track my progress
  2. To showcase classes, techniques, people and products
  3. To brainstorm new goals when I hit ones that I’ve set
  4. To motivate and inspire others and myself

So, here we go for a fun ride. For what its worth, I started around 350lbs or 355lbs and when i wrote this posting I was 343lbs this morning

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